R2020-03 - 7.3

Talend Data Fabric Release Notes

Talend Data Fabric
Installation and Upgrade
Release Notes

The R2020-03 Studio monthly update contains new features and bug fixes.

For more information about the bugs fixed in the R2020-03 Studio monthly update and the installation procedure, see R2020-03.

  • All Talend Studio clients connected to the same project must have the same monthly update installed. Updating a Studio connected to a project requires all the Studios connected to that project to be updated.
  • Before applying a patch, be sure to create a backup tag or a backup branch with the current Talend version.

The R2020-03 Studio monthly update introduces new features:



Support for Azure AD authentication

Azure storage components now support Microsoft Azure Active Directory authentication.

Note: Azure Storage Table does not support Azure Active Directory authentication yet.