Data Quality: new features - 7.3

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Explainable machine learning for data matching
  • A feature importance report can be generated when using the tMatchModel component.
  • In the tMatchPredict and tMatchIndexPredict components, the new output column (CONFIDENCE_SCORE) indicates the confidence score of a prediction for a pair or cluster.
Data masking
  • When using the tDataMasking and tPatternMasking components, the data that cannot be masked can be sent to an invalid flow output.
  • The Format-Preserving Encryption is applied when masking:
    • Credit card numbers
    • IBAN and US bank account numbers
Validating and enriching contact information A new component is available: tPersonator.

It ensures the quality of a US and Canadian contact database by checking, verifying, moving and appending contact information.

Support for additional databases (data mart) Snowflake is now supported for the data quality data mart.