Data Mapper: new features - 7.3

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Flattener The new flattening algorithm allows you to create a flat structure based on an existing hierarchical structure.
Support of Variable Blocked Cobol files Talend Data Mapper can now read Cobol files containing Record Descriptor Words and Block Descriptor Words. A new parameter allows you to enable this feature in the Cobol representation properties.
Support of features and functions on the new runtime The new non-Eclipse runtime now supports:
  • The DatabaseLookup and DatabaseLookupAndUpdate functions
  • The tHConvertFile component
  • X12 HIPAA and EDIFACT documents
Merge option in tHMapFile The tHMapFile component has a new option which allows you to merge the part files created when using a large input file.
JSON sample importer improvements Talend Data Mapper can now parse JSON sample files containing arrays of mixed data types.
ObjectId extension support The Mongo extension ObjectId is now supported in JSON files.
tAzureFSConfiguration support Data mapping components now support the tAzureFSConfiguration component, which allows you to read from and write to the Azure File System.
Log4j2 support Talend Data Mapper now supports both Log4j1 and Log4j2 through an SLF4J implementation.