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Online help for components on pressing F1

Starting from Talend 7.3, by default, pressing F1 on a component will open the relevant documentation on Talend Help Center using the default Web browser.

To switch to offline help, go to Window > Preferences > Talend > Components and clear the Enable online help for components check box.

Before using offline help, subscription users need to install the Talend Help package by following the instructions when switching to offline help, or going to Help > Install Additional Packages.

Rotating encryption keys

Talend Studio now allows you to rotate the following two encryption keys by adding a new version of the key with an empty value in the encryption key configuration file.

  • the system encryption key: for encrypting properties and nexus passwords
  • the routine encryption key: for encrypting passwords of generated Jobs
New update mechanism

Talend Studio has improved the patch mechanism to handle monthly updates. You will be able to apply cumulative patches for bug fixes, new components, and new features provided by Talend.

After your administrator accepts a patch for Talend Studio in Talend Administration Center, Talend Studio will detect the new update automatically when opening a remote project.

Note that all Talend Studio clients connected to the same project must install the same patch. Otherwise, you cannot connect to the project successfully.

Log4j 2 support

Talend Studio now supports Apache logging utility Log4j 2 in components and allows you to enable or disable Log4j 2 loggers and customize the configuration globally for the project.

Note: If you need to deploy your Jobs to Talend Cloud, the use of Log4j 2 requires Talend Remote Engine 2.8.1 or higher. Otherwise, no log will be shown for those Jobs with Log4j 2 enabled.
Nexus Proxy settings

Talend Studio now allows you to configure a proxy for your artifact repository in the General > Artifact Proxy Setting view in the Project Settings dialog box if you are using a supported version of artifact repository instead of Talend Artifact Repository embedded with your Talend product.

Redshift SSO support with Ping Federate in metadata wizard

The Login and Password fields have been added in the Database Connection metadata wizard for Redshift SSO.

Metadata Bridge version upgrade

The version of Talend Metadata Bridge has been updated to 10.1.

New components available

Two new components are now available: tSnowflakeCommit and tSnowflakeRollback.

New component available

A new component, tWorkdayInput, is available in this release.

New option available: Connection timeout

The Connection timeout option is added to the Advanced settings view.

Components concerned:

  • tFTPFileExist, tFTPPut, tFTPConnection, tFTPDelete, tFTPFilelist, tFTPFileProperties, tFTPGet, tFTPRename

Excel 2007 xlsm support

This feature enables accesses to Excel 2007 files (with the extensions of .xlsx and .xlsm) through the Read excel2007 file format (xlsx / xlsm) and the Write excel2007 file format (xlsx / xlsm) options.

Components concerned:
  • tFileInputExcel, tFileOutputExcel

Excel 2007 password support

This feature allows the tFileInputExcel component to read password-protected Excel 2007 (and later) files given that the passwords are available; it also allows the tFileOutputExcel component to set passwords for Excel 2007 (and later) files.

Components concerned:
  • tFileInputExcel, tFileOutputExcel

tSetProxy: Https proxy with authentication

This feature allows for connections to a basic authentication-enabled Https proxy server through the Use authentication, Proxy user, Proxy password, and Enable Basic Authentication Header (in the Advanced settings view) options.

Component concerned:
  • tSetProxy

tJDBCInput: prepared statements

This feature enables you to query a database using a prepared statement through the Use PreparedStatement option in the Advanced settings view.

Component concerned:
  • tJDBCInput

AWS server-side encryption (SSE) for SQS queues

Components concerned:
  • tSQSConnection, tSQSInput, tSQSMessageChangeVisibility, tSQSMessageDelete, tSQSOutput, tSQSQueueAttributes, tSQSQueueCreate, tSQSQueueDelete, tSQSQueueList, tSQSQueuePurge

tPostgresqlOutput: new option available

The tPostgresqlOutput component provides the Convert column and table to lowercase option in the Advanced settings view, to put column names of newly created Postgres tables in lower case.

tServiceNowInput: combined filtering conditions

This feature allows for combined filtering conditions (combined with AND and OR operators) for retrieving data from ServiceNow through the Advanced Query field in the Advanced settings view.

tRunJob: customizable Child Job JVM argument

This feature provides the following two ways in the Advanced settings view for setting JVM arguments for the Job to be called or processed (Use dynamic job needs to be selected in the Basic settings view).
  • Use child job JVM arguments
  • Overwrite child job JVM arguments

tJDBCSCDELT: End date configurable

This feature allows you to set the End date for type 2 SCD.

Access control list for S3 components

This feature allows you to set access control list (ACL) for the current component through the Access control option in the Advanced settings view.

Components concerned:
  • tS3Put
  • tS3BucketCreate

Redshift Bulk components: reuse S3 connection

This feature enables Redshift components to reuse existing S3 connections.

Components concerned:
  • tRedshiftUnload, tRedshiftOutputBulk, tRedshiftOutputBulkExec, tRedshiftBulkExec

tSetProxy: three new options provided for using proxy

The tSetProxy components provides the following three new options.

  • Use Java Virtual Machine Proxy Configuration
  • URIs to use proxy
  • Thread isolated proxy (in the Advanced settings view)

See Talend Components Reference Guide for related information.

Setting Kafka connections and configuring Azure EventHub as Kafka cluster

This feature enables you to set Kafka connections and configure an Azure EventHub as Kafka cluster.

Using a schema other than the schema of the connection

Through the Use alternate schema option in the Advanced settings view, this feature enables you to use a schema other than the one specified by the component that establishes the database connection (Use an existing connection needs to be selected in the Basic settings view).

Components concerned:
  • tAmazonOracleOutput
  • tRedshiftOutput
  • tGreenplumOutput
  • tDB2Output
  • tInformixOutput
  • tMSSqlOutput
  • tOracleOutput
  • tParAccelOutput
  • tPostgreSQLOutput
  • tPostgresPlusOutput
  • tSAPHanaOutput
  • tSybaseOutput
  • tVerticaOutput

tSnowflakeConnection: key pair authentication

The tSnowflakeConnection component provides the key pair authentication.

Customizing SET clause

This feature generates SET clauses for update operations based on the columns you selected in the Clause SET table in the Advanced settings view (Update needs to be selected from the Action on data drop-down list in the Basic settings view).

Components concerned:
  • tELTTeradataOutput
  • tELTOutput

Extending AWS ECS role support to other components

This feature makes instance profile credential valid both on Amazon EC2 instances and AWS ECS instances.

SHA2 support

SFTP connection now supports SHA2 authentication algorithm.

Components concerned:

  • tFTPConnection
  • tFTPDelete
  • tFTPFileExist
  • tFTPFileList
  • tFTPFileProperties
  • tFTPGet
  • tFTPPut
  • tFTPRename
  • tFTPTruncate

New Amazon S3 region options

The following new Amazon S3 region options are provided:
  • US East (Ohio)
  • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
  • Asia Pacific (Seoul)
  • Canada (Central)
  • China (Ningxia)
  • EU (London)
  • EU (Paris)
  • EU (Stockholm)

Components concerned:

  • tRedshiftOutputBulk, tRedshiftOutputBulkExec
  • tS3BucketCreate, tS3BucketDelete, tS3BucketExist, tS3BucketList, tS3Connection, tS3Copy, tS3Delete, tS3Get, tS3List, tS3Put

New Amazon S3 region options

The following new Amazon S3 region options are provided:

  • US East (Ohio)
  • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
  • Asia Pacific (Seoul)
  • Canada (Central)
  • EU (London)
  • EU (Paris)
  • EU (Stockholm)

Components concerned: tSnowflakeOutputBulk, tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec, and tSnowflakeBulkExec

tRedshiftBulkExec: the Assume Role option available to other data source types besides S3

For the tRedShiftBulkExec component, in addition to S3 data sources, the Assume Role option is now available to these data sources: EMR, DynamoDB, and Remote host. You can thus set IAM role ARN chains for these four types of data sources.

tSQLTemplateMerge: the Database Type drop-down list provides the Snowflake option

The tSQLTemplateMerge component now provides the Snowflake option in the Database Type drop-down list. In addition, the following system SQL templates are provided:
  • SnowflakeCreateSourceTable
  • SnowflakeCreateTargetTable
  • SnowflakeDropSourceTable
  • SnowflakeDropTargetTable
  • SnowflakeMerge

tAmazonEMRManage: cluster version upgrade

The tAmazonEMRManage component now supports the cluster version EMR 5.15.0, which is the default cluster version when configuring the component.

Besides, the support for EMR 4.2.0, EMR 4.1.0, and EMR 4.0.0 is dropped.

ActiveMQ 5.15.10 support

Components concerned:

  • tMomCommit, tMomConnection, tMomInput, tMomMessageIdList, tMomOutput, tMomRollback
  • tSAPADSOInput, tSAPBApi, tSAPBWInput, tSAPCommit, tSAPConnection, tSAPDataSourceOutput, tSAPDataSourceReceiver, tSAPDSOInput, tSAPDSOOutput, tSAPIDocInput, tSAPIDocOutput, tSAPIDocReceiver, tSAPInfoCubeInput, tSAPInfoObjectInput, tSAPInfoObjectOutput, tSAPODPInput, tSAPRollback, tSAPTableInput

Snowflake JDBC driver 3.11.x support

Components concerned in Standard Jobs:

  • tSnowflakeBulkExec, tSnowflakeClose, tSnowflakeConnection, tSnowflakeInput, tSnowflakeOutput, tSnowflakeOutputBulk, tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec, tSnowflakeRow

Redshift JDBC driver support

Components concerned in Standard Jobs:

  • tRedshiftBulkExec, tRedshiftClose, tRedshiftCommit, tRedshiftConnection, tRedshiftInput, tRedshiftOutput, tRedshiftOutputBulk, tRedshiftOutputBulkExec, tRedshiftRollback, tRedshiftRow, tRedshiftUnload

MySQL driver 8.0.18 support (MySQL 4 support dropped)

Components concerned in Standard Jobs:

  • tMysqlCDC, tMysqlClose, tMysqlColumnlist, tMysqlCommit, tMysqlConnection, tMysqlInput, tMysqlInvalidRows, tMysqlLastInsertId, tMysqlOutput, tMysqlOutputBulk, tMysqlOutputBulkExec, tMysqlRollback, tMysqlRow, tMysqlSCD, tMysqlSCDELT, tMysqlSP,tMysqlTableList, tMysqlValidRows

Vertica DB 9.3.1 support

Components concerned:

  • tVerticaBulkExec, tVerticaClose, tVerticaCommit, tVerticaConnection, tVerticaInput, tVerticaOutput, tVerticaOutputBulk, tVerticaOutputBulkExec, tVerticaRollback, tVerticaRow, tVerticaSCD

Postgres 12.1 support

Components concerned:

  • tPostgresqlCDC, tPostgresqlClose, tPostgresqlCommit, tPostgresqlConnection, tPostgresqlInput, tPostgresqlInvalidRows, tPostgresqlOutput, tPostgresqlOutputBulk, tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec, tPostgresqlRollback, tPostgresqlRow, tPostgresqlSCD, tPostgresqlSCDELT, tPostgresqlValidRows

MariaDB 10.x support (MariaDB JDBC driver upgraded to 2.5.3)

Components concerned in Standard Jobs:

  • tCreateTable
  • tELTMysqlMap
  • tMysqlBulkExec, tMysqlConnection, tMysqlInput, tMysqlOutput, tMysqlOutputBulkExec, tMysqlRow, tMysqlSCD, tMysqlSCDELT, tMysqlSP, tMysqlCDC
  • tJDBCClose, tJDBCColumnList, tJDBCCommit, tJDBCConnection, tJDBCInput, tJDBCOutput, tJDBCRollback, tJDBCRow, tJDBCSCDELT, tJDBCSP, tJDBCTableList

Salesforce version updated to v47

Salesforce v47 is now supported in Talend components.

Default Salesforce endpoint updated

The default Salesforce endpoint updated as:

Netsuite endpoint updated

Netsuite endpoint updated as: (API version 2019.2 required).

Talend Administration Center

Feature Description
Monthly update support Apart from the patches that Talend delivers to fix issues in the Studio, you can now get monthly update patches which contain cumulative patches delivered throughout the month.
Configurable technical/business log You can now configure the technical/business log by file limitation and file lifetime in Talend Administration Center.
Second level cache support You can now enable second level cache in Talend Administration Center to optimize the GUI performance.
MSSQL official driver support In addition to the jTDS driver, MSSQL official driver is now supported for Azure SQL and SQL server databases.
POST operation support to call MetaServlet It is now supported to use POST operation to call MetaServlet for additional security.