Data Stewardship: new features - 7.3

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Campaign description Campaign owners can now access a description of each campaign type when creating campaigns.
Integrated matching External IDs are commonly used to store unique identifiers from external systems.

Talend Data Stewardship tasks are linked to data from external systems, using external IDs.

The external IDs on merging and grouping tasks are now handled at the source level:

  • When a data steward splits a task, the external ID is set on the sources of the new task and the original task.
  • When a data steward merges 2 tasks, the resulting merged task has no external ID, regardless of the external ID of the original tasks.
Semantic types United States of America has been added to the Country semantic type.
The regular expressions for the following semantic types have been improved:
  • Geographic Coordinate
  • Geographic Coordinates
  • Geographic Coordinates (degree)
  • IPv4 Address
  • UK Postal Code
User interface Talend brings a new subheader to Talend Data Stewardship.
This new design provides a back button to help you navigate in the application:
  • When viewing the task history, you can navigate back to the task list.
  • When viewing other pages, you can navigate back to the previous page.
Kafka support Talend Data Stewardship now supports Kafka 2.3.
MongoDB support Talend Data Stewardship now supports MongoDB 4.2.
Operating system support Talend Data Stewardship now support CentOS 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 and Microsoft Windows Server 2019.
Tomcat support Talend Data Stewardship now supports Tomcat 9.0.30.