Notable fixes in R2020-07 - 7.3

Talend Data Fabric Release Notes

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The R2020-07 Studio monthly release contains the following notable fixes.

For a full list of bugs fixed in the Studio monthly update, see changelog for R2020-07.

Big Data



tS3Configuration fails to inherit credentials when running on kerberized EMR cluster. Spark Jobs with tS3Configuration can now inherit credentials to run on a kerberized EMR cluster..
The check box for SSE-KMS encryption is missing in tS3Configuration in Spark Jobs when these Jobs are running on EMR V5.29. This check box has been enabled in tS3Configuration when Spark Jobs are running on EMR V5.29.
tHiveInput component fails to convert data of the Date type. The conversion issue of the Date type has been resolved.
NullPointerException issue arises during the initialization of Spark Jobs with Amazon EMR V5.29/5.15 and Spark V2.3 This NullPointerException issue has been resolved.
tPubSubOutput throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodError tPubSubOutput now runs successfully.
With HDP V2.6.5, Spark Jobs could throw the exception

This exception is not thrown anymore. The Hive catalog options, for the default or non default databases, now work properly with HDP 2.6.5 and Spark 2.3.

Data Mapper



Distinct Child Element does not work with XML attributes

An option to select a distinct child element using its XPath has been added to solve the issue that prevented users from selecting XML attributes.
Setting execution properties for tests does not work The issue that caused maps to return null values for execution properties defined in the Sample Data folder has been solved.

Data Quality



Error when saving Hive DB after switching contexts The issue that prevented you to switch the context when connecting to a Hive database on a Hadoop cluster has been solved. You can now choose to switch the context or return to the database connection.
tRuleSurvivorship error when using data combinations The issue that prevented you to process certain data combinations has been solved.




TESB-29503 Bundle version does not use custom version when a Job or Route is built from Continuous Integration and deployed from Talend Administration Center to Talend Runtime Container, or built from Talend Studio and deployed in Talend Runtime Container.

The bundle version issue has been fixed.

TESB-29331 No standalone Job can be built using Talend CommandLine if the project includes a Job that contains the tRESTRequest component and its build type is Microservice for ESB

This issue is caused by the build type conflict, which has been fixed.

TESB-29321 Microservice execution failed on Talend Management Console if it is published to Talend Cloud via Continuous Integration

The issue with the Continuous Integration Publisher has been resolved.