Data Mapper: new features - 6.5

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Talend Data Management Platform

Import Avro schemas from Avro data file

It is now possible to import Avro schemas directly from Avro data files, which contain a schema at the beginning, in addition to avsc files as in previous releases

Automatically generate AgConcat functions in obvious cases

When looping elements are mapped to non-looping elements, the AgConcat funcion can be generated automatically in cases where there is no ambiguity, and the user is presented with the choice between accepting this automatically generated AgConcat function or changing the looping manually.

Export optimization

A new preference in the Mapping/Runtime preferences page lets users enable or disable the optimization of project export. This optimization consists of exporting only the structures that are needed, that is only the structures for maps which require the structure to be validated.

Constant function allows specials characters and unicode characters

The constant function now allows for special characters (such as \n for line breaks or \t for tabs) and unicode characters such as \u000a.