Managing profiles via Provisioning commands - 7.1

Talend ESB Infrastructure Services Configuration Guide

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Once installed and running, the Provisioning Service gives you access to a list of commands helping you manage your profiles directly from the Talend Runtime Container:

271 | Active   |  80 |  | Talend ESB Provisioning :: Server :: Commands

Type tprovision: and press the TAB keyboard to access them:

tprovision:export                          tprovision:feature-create
tprovision:feature-delete                  tprovision:feature-update
tprovision:features-list                   tprovision:import
tprovision:placeholder-create              tprovision:placeholder-delete
tprovision:placeholder-update              tprovision:placeholders-categories-list
tprovision:placeholders-export             tprovision:placeholders-import
tprovision:placeholders-list               tprovision:placeholders-release
tprovision:profile-create                  tprovision:profile-delete
tprovision:profile-info                    tprovision:profile-release
tprovision:profile-update                  tprovision:profiles-list
tprovision:resource-create                 tprovision:resource-delete
tprovision:resource-export                 tprovision:resource-update
tprovision:resources-list                  tprovision:service-help