Pre-requisites - 7.1

Talend ESB Infrastructure Services Configuration Guide

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Talend Data Services Platform
Talend ESB
Talend MDM Platform
Talend Open Studio for ESB
Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform
Talend ESB
Talend Runtime
Design and Development
Installation and Upgrade
This section shows you how to run the examples (sam-example-service, sam-example-service2) with the SAM Agent supported. First, please check the following:
  • Ensure the database is running and accessible.

  • The Service Activity Monitoring Server is installed and running.

  • The examples/talend/tesb/sam/sam-example-service and examples/talend/tesb/sam/sam-example-service2 are built, and you have deployed them into the container.

  • The configuration files ( and at least) have been configured correctly.