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The Decanter Camel alerter sends each alert to a Camel endpoint.

It allows you to create a Route which reacts to each alert. It is a very flexible alerter as you can apply transformation, use EIPs, Camel endpoints, and so on.

This alerter creates a Camel exchange. The body of the in message contains a Map with all alert details (including alertLevel, alertAttribute, alertPattern and all other details).

The decanter-alerting-camel feature installs the Camel alerter:
karaf@root()> feature:install decanter-alerting-camel

This feature also installs the etc/org.apache.karaf.decanter.alerting.camel.cfg configuration file:

# Decanter Camel alerter
# alert.destination.uri defines the Camel endpoint URI where
# Decanter send the alerts

This configuration file allows you to specify the Camel endpoint URI where to send the alert (using the alert.destination.uri property).

For instance, in this configuration, if you define:
You can create the following Camel Route which will react to the alert:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<blueprint xmlns="">
  <camelContext xmlns="">
    <route id="decanter-alert">
      <from uri="direct-vm:decanter-alert"/>