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The Event Logging feature within the Talend ESB allows users to collect events across distributed containers and also provides the ability to index them and search through them via a Web User Interface.

In addition to the pure collection of events, the Event Logging feature supports custom processing (for example: custom filtering, customer data enrichment and reduction), aggregation, signing and also server-side custom pre- and post-processing of event to send them as a post processing step to an Intrusion Detection system or to any other kind of potential higher level log processing and management system, for example.

Event Logging is only available in the subscription version of Talend ESB; thus, it is not included in Talend Open Studio for ESB. It can be used in combination with the Service Activity Monitoring feature (SAM Agent, SAM Retrieval Service and the User Interface of the Service Activity Monitoring in Talend Administration Center). However note that the use of the Event Logging or the Service Activity Monitoring Server is optional and can be activated when needed. With Talend Open Studio for ESB, only the Service Activity Monitoring Server is available.

In addition, Talend provides a log indexing and searching functionality on Event Logs, based on Elasticsearch and Kibana: the Talend Log Server and the Logging page in Talend Administration Center.