Finalizing the installation - 6.5

Talend Open Studio for MDM Installation and Upgrade Guide for Windows

Talend Open Studio for MDM
Talend MDM Server
Talend MDM Web UI
Talend Studio
Installation and Upgrade


  1. Click Next to proceed to the next step and start the installation.
    Two progress bars indicate how much of the installation has been completed.
  2. When the progress bars indicate the end of the installation, click Next to have a confirmation message that the installation is completed successfully.
  3. Click Generate an automatic installation script to generate a script for MDM server installation.
    You can use this script to install the MDM server on any platform without using the graphical installer.
  4. Click Done to close the installer.


The MDM server is installed.

To run the MDM server, execute startup.bat in the <TomcatPath>\bin folder.

To shut the MDM server down, press Ctrl + C in the console window, or run bin\shutdown.bat.