Removing locks on projects - 6.3

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Only users that have the Operation manager role and rights can have access to this page and to items for which the user has been granted the appropriate authorization by the Administrator. For further information on access rights, see User roles/rights in the Administration Center.

When a user starts working on an item contained in the Remote Repository, a lock is appended on it in the Menu tree view in order to prevent other users from concurrently making changes to the same item. This lock system helps to avoid edition conflicts between users sharing the same resources. Other users can still have a read-only access to this item until the lock is released.

Note that if you are working in cluster mode and a lock is added or removed from an item, the last status of the item will be synchronized in all clustered applications as locks are stored in the Talend Administration Center database. For more information about how to work in cluster mode, see Working in cluster mode.

To access the Locks page, click Locks in the Menu tree view. This page shows the list of Talend Studio projects being locked by users.

The list of projects is listed based on the Repository item being locked.

The lock list provides the following information:




The name of the project to which the locked item belongs


The name of the branch containing the locked item

Item type

The type of the locked item

Locked item

The name of the locked item


The name of the user who is working on the locked item

Locking date

The item locking date

Application name

The name of the application in which the item is locked, studio or tac.

A lock can be appended on various types of items contained in the Remote Repository including:

  • Business Models

  • Job Designs

  • Routines

  • Metadata of various types (DB connection, File, etc.)

  • other items such as documentations, etc.


In case of system crash or user absence, an Administrator can unlock an item via Talend Administration Center.

To remove a lock from one or several project items, complete the following:

  1. On the Locks page, select the project item or items you want to remove the lock(s) from.

  2. On the toolbar, click Remove lock.

The lock list is refreshed automatically, but you can refresh it any time by clicking Refresh on the toolbar.