Accessing Drools web application - 6.3

Talend Administration Center User Guide

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  • You have already set correctly the Drools web application URL in the Configuration page of Talend Administration Center and your licence must allow the application. For more information, see Setting up links to other Talend suite Web applications

  • Your Talend Administration Center must have internet access, otherwise you may have an error when you try to use the Drools server.

    Another way to avoid this error is to add -Dorg.kie.demo=false and -Dorg.kie.example=false into the file in the apache-tomcat/bin folder.

  1. Log in to Talend Administration Center.

  2. On Talend Administration Center home page and from the Menu tree view, click Drools.

    You log in to Drools web application using your Talend Administration Center account by default.

To log in to the Drools web application from outside Talend Administration Center in full screen mode:

  1. Log in to Talend Administration Center.

  2. In a new page in the same browser, type http://<host name>:<port name>/kie-drools-wb.

    You cannot use the same login/password of the Administration Center to access the Drools page in full screen mode.

All users that are defined in Talend Administration Center have by default the right to access the Drools web application. However, an Administrator can lock down the access to the business rules per package or per category.

The Drools interface is divided into:

  • a banner on top of the page which shows the login of the current user of Talend Administration Center.

  • Three main panels in the workspace to give quick access to all features accessible also from the menu bar.

Once the Drools web application is open, you can navigate around, open multiple tabs, view and edit various assets simply as you do with any application.

You can also access the Drools Workbench directly, not from within Talend Administration Center, if it is installed manually. For further information, see the Talend Installation Guide.