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To be able to access the Business Model Designer as Web service, the Firefox web browser is required.

This section is designed to help you manage the business model of interest when you do not need to make major changes like adding, deleting or replacing a shape on the model.

For further information about how to manage a given Business Model, see Managing Business Models.

For more information about how to make the major changes to edit a given business model, see Editing Business Models.

How to select the business model to be used

Once you have opened the Business Model Designer page, you are able to select the business model of interest using the model selection fields docked in the top of this page.

To select this business model, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Select a Project field, select the project to which the business model of interest belongs.

  2. From the Select a Branch field, select the branch where locates the project you have selected in the previous step.

  3. From the Select a Business model field, select the business model you need to use.

  4. From the Select a Connection field, select the connection to the database log tables used to host the statistical data of the Jobs assigned to this business model.

    For further information about how to create this connection, see Managing connections to log tables.

  5. Click Load to open the selected business model in the workspace.

The figure below presents an example of the selected business model, MDMProject, displayed in the workspace area.

How to name or rename a shape

To rename a shape used by the business model selected, proceed as follows in the workspace:

  1. Select the shape you need to name or rename. For example, select Step3 in the given business model, MDMProject, in the previous section.

  2. Double click the selected shape and a text box appears in front of this shape.

  3. Type in the name you need to use to name or rename this shape.

How to print a given business model

You can print a given business model in the workspace using buttons provided on the top toolbar.

The following table presents the buttons you can use to print the given business model.



Click this button to print the given business model to paper.

Click this button to print the given business model to PDF.


The top toolbar provides many buttons to assist you in editing a given business model. For further information, see Using the top toolbar for editing.

How to save a given business model

To save a business model you have selected and loaded in the workspace, click the Save button next to the Load button described in the earlier section.

For further information about this Load button, see How to select the business model to be used.

How to close a given business model without saving changes

To close a business model loaded in the workspace without saving any changes on this model, click the Close button next to the Save button described in the previous section.