Searching repository items - 6.3

Talend Administration Center User Guide

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From the Repository Browser page, you can search repository items, such as strings, context values or context parameters.

  1. On the Repository Browser page, select the project and branch in which you want to search items.

    Some items contained in the project repository are displayed in the simple browser tab. To display all items, click Show All Items in the toolbar.

  2. Switch to the full text searcher tab to perform your search. For example you can search strings from a schema, a context value or a context parameter.

  3. Type in your query in the corresponding field and click search. In this example, a column (named order_date) from the schema of a tHDFSOutput component used in a Job of the repository (job_Get_Deduplicate_Orders) is searched.

    A tree view shows the items corresponding to your query.