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Talend Administration Center User Guide

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Administration and Monitoring

To use the Drools web application, you must start by doing the following:

  1. From the Drools page, create a new organization unit via Authoring > Administration > Organizational Unites > Manage Organizational Unites > Add.

  2. For the repository, either:

    • Create a new repository via Authoring > Administration > Repository > New repository.

    • Clone a repository via Authoring > Administration > Repository > Clone repository.

  3. Select the repository where to create the new project from the Project Explorer panel.

  4. Create a project via Authoring > Project Authoring > New Project.

  5. Create one or more data objects for the business rules via Authoring > Project Authoring > New Item > Data Object.

  6. Create a package.

    A packages is used as a parent folder that groups all rule assets. For further information about packages, check Creating a package.

After finalizing the above steps, you can start by creating business rules. For more information, see Working with business rules.

For detail information about using Drools, check Drools Workbench.