Adding a virtual server - 6.3

Talend Administration Center User Guide

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The following procedure describes how to add a virtual server from Talend Administration Center.

To perform this action via the MetaServlet application, use the createVirtualServer command. For more information about the MetaServlet parameters, see Parameters and actions in metaServlet.

  1. From the toolbar on the Virtual servers view of the Virtual servers page, click Add a virtual server to open the [Virtual server] dialog box.

  2. Enter the following information:




    Name of the virtual server that groups various physical servers. This field is mandatory.

    Time zone

    In the dialog box, select the time zone of the virtual server in the list. To take advantage of the autocomplete feature, type the first three letters of the time zone you are searching for.

    Note that the virtual server time zone is not dependant on the time zone of the servers it contains.


    Free descriptive text.

  3. Click Save to validate the configuration.

The newly created virtual server is displayed on the list.