Configuring execution servers - 6.3

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Only users that have the Operation Manager role and rights can have read-write access to this page. Other users, depending on their roles, can have either read-only access or no access to this page. For further information on access rights, see User roles/rights in the Administration Center.


  • Before you can launch any of the execution tasks you have scheduled, you need to configure the servers on which you will deploy them. Ensure that the script is running on the execution server to be able to deploy the task.

    Note that server rates are based on indicators, whose bounds (such as free disk space limits) and weight are defined in the file: which is located in <ApplicationPath>\WEB-INF\lib\org.talend.monitoring.client-A.B.C_rYYYYY.jar. These constraints are used to calculate a usage value based on outbound values, and to determine which server to be used for load balancing (cluster mode).

    100: server availability is optimal, indicator values are within bounds,

    < 100: one or several indicators' values are out of bound.

    For more information on how to edit the and overwrite the default values, see the Talend Installation Guide.

  • Make sure the execution server version is compatible with the Talend Administration Center and Studio versions. For more information, see the Talend Installation Guide.