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From the Repository Browser page, you can add different Repository items provided that you have been granted the appropriate project authorization by the Administrator.

Adding a Business model

From the Repository Browser page, you can add a Business Model. Talend's Business Models allow data integration project stakeholders to graphically represent their needs regardless of the technical implementation requirements.

To add a Business Model, do the following:

  1. Right-click Business Models and select the Add option preceded by a [+] sign. You can also click the Add button under the model selection fields.


    The Add option preceded by a folder icon allows you to create a folder in which you can gather several related Business models according to your needs.

  2. In the dialog box that appears, fill in the description information of the Business Model you are about to create.

    Name Type in the name of the new Business Model.
    Purpose Type in the Business Model purpose or any useful information regarding its use.
    Description Business Model description.
    Author a read-only field that shows by default the current user login.
    Version a field that shows the default version. If needed, you can manually change it.
    Status a list to select from the status of the Business Model you are creating.
  3. Click OK to validate these information. The newly created Business Model appears under the Business Models area.

Adding a documentation

From the Repository Browser page, you can add documentations. You can assign any type of documentation in any format. It can be a technical documentation, some guidelines in text format or a simple description of your databases.

To add a documentation, the steps to reproduce are the same than the ones used to add a Business model, except that you also have to fill in the Source file field in the dialog box. To do so, browse to the documentation you want to add and upload it.