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From Talend Administration Center home page, you can access the Software update page that allows you to check for the latest patches of your Studio. These patches are retrieved from software update repositories.

For more information on how to set the parameters on the Configuration page, see Setting up Software Update parameters .


These parameters must be correctly filled in order for the Web application to connect to the software update repository. Otherwise, a message will be displayed in the Software update page to inform you that the repository URL is unreachable.

For more information on the software update repositories, see the Talend Installation Guide.

Accessing the Software Update page

  • To access this page, select Software Update in the Menu tree view.

    From this page, you can:

    • see the current version of Talend Administration Center,

    • accept the patches available for your Studio,

    • see all patches that were previously accepted.


    Note that you can set a notification that will warn you when new patches are available. For more information, see Managing notifications.

Checking the current version

  • Select Software update in the Menu and see the version number of your current version.

    You can see below the See all accepted patches hyperlink pointing to a page where you can visualize all the updates of your current version that have been accepted.

    If your version is up-to-date and no patch is available, you will see a message indicating that your version is up to date.

    If there are some patches that you can download, you will receive a message in the banner notifying you that patches are available, and these patches will appear on the page.

Accepting a new patch

You can also accept patches for the Studio in order to improve its performance.

Note that you will only be able to see and accept patches available for the current version of your Studio.

  1. Under the Patches for current version area, select the patch you want to add to your current version.

  2. Click the icon to confirm your choice and download the desired patch.

    Once you have downloaded a patch, click Refresh. You can see that it no longer appears in the Patches for current version area.

    When all the patches have been accepted, a message is displayed, indicating that your version is up to date.

    The next time you start the Studio, the patches you have accepted in Talend Administration Center will be automatically detected.