Planning the execution of data integration Jobs - 6.3

Talend Administration Center User Guide

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Only users that have the Operation Manager role and rights can have read-write access to this page. Other types of users can have read-only access or no access to the page. For further information on access rights, see User roles/rights in the Administration Center. When a user of the Administration Center opens this page, he/she will have access only to the items for which the user has been granted the appropriate authorization by the Administrator.

In Talend Administration Center, a task execution plan outlines dependencies among different tasks that form this plan, the thing we cannot see in the task list in the Job Conductor page. These dependencies are defined by using a hierarchical view of main and child tasks where each task in the hierarchical view can have a subordinate task.

From this page, you can define a task execution plan and then add different tasks to this plan in a specific order depending on the two conditions OnOk and On Error, or simply by using After. Later the tasks are executed in the specified order.