Configuring the email server used to send reports - 7.0

Talend Data Management Platform Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
In order to be able to send by email the data quality reports launched from Talend DQ Portal, you need to configure an email server.


  1. Start Apache Tomcat and log in Talend DQ Portal.
  2. Click the button and, in the menu that opens, click Configuration Management to open the configuration page.
  3. Select MAIL from the Select Category list.
    In this way, SpagoBI show you only the parameters that you have to check/modify.
  4. Edit the parameter values corresponding to the SMTP address, the port and the email account that will be used to send the reports.
    Note that you can configure three profiles:
    • scheduler: this profile is used to plan the report executions in the scheduler.

    • user: this profile is used to allow the user to send documents by email.

    • kpi_alarm: this profile is used to send alarm notifications.