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These properties are used to configure cFtp running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cFtp component belongs to the Connectivity family.

Basic settings


Select the file transfer protocol, ftp or sftp, ftps.


Type in the remote server address to be accessed.


Type in the port number to be accessed.


Type in the user authentication information.


Type in the user authentication information. To enter the password, click the [...] button next to the password field, and then in the pop-up dialog box enter the password between double quotes and click OK to save the settings.
Parameters/directory Enter the directory you want to access on the remote server. If not specified, the root directory will be accessed.

Advanced settings

Advanced Set the optional arguments in the corresponding table. Click [+] as many times as required to add arguments to the table. Then click the corresponding Value field and enter a value. See the site for available URI options.


Usage rule

cFtp can be a start, middle or end component in a Route.