Version specific upgrade issues and recommendations - 7.1

Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide for Windows

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Installation and Upgrade
Upgrading to a new version may have version specific issues or recommendations.

General recommendations

Update of your repository content

As each new version contains new and improved bridges, you should update models only if they have been imported with a connector improved with the new version or only if a new bridge specific to the data source technology is now available.

You need to remove the incremental harvesting, re-import the models and re-build the related configurations.

Migration from Talend Metadata Manager 6.5 to Talend Data Catalog 7.1

  • Excel (XLSX) and Flat (CSV) file formats

    Compared with Talend Metadata Manager 6.5, Excel and Flat files are now fully supported in Talend Data Catalog.

    The File System (CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, Avro, Parquet, ORC, COBOL Copybook) import bridge, as well as the other new file system and object store bridges, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Storage or Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, replace the previous prototypes of Flat File (CSV) and Excel File (XLSX) bridges.

    The file system bridges now create multi-model content which can be stitched to data mappings and other DI/ETL models.

    Any content imported from the previous Flat File (CSV) and Excel File (XLSX) bridges are still visible in Talend Data Catalog. The migration to the new bridges cannot be automatized due to different parameters and different content types from single to multi models.

    You should create new models with the new file system bridges and delete the old content.

  • Physical Data Model (PDM)

    Compared with Talend Metadata Manager 6.5, you no longer need to use physical data models to document existing databases in Talend Data Catalog. The new capability to document databases is much more efficient with version management, such as the integration of changes after new harvesting.

    Physical data models are now only available in the Talend Data Catalog Advanced Plus edition for data store requirements and database design.

    Any existing physical data models created in Talend Metadata Manager 6.5 are still operational in Talend Data Catalog.

    We recommend converting all your physical data models used to document databases in Talend Metadata Manager 6.5 to models in Talend Data Catalog. You can use a conversion script available in the physical data models and perform this operation without a loss of existing documentation.

Migration from Talend Data Catalog 7.1 to 7.1.2

Compatibility issues for some Java bridges with OpenJDK 11

OpenJDK 11 is now the default JRE for Talend Data Catalog bridges. Some Java connectors depend on the tool's SDK which can be not compatible with OpenJDK 11, such as Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Data Integration, SAP BusinessObjects and TIBCO Spotfire.

In this case, the bridge tries to run automatically with the JRE bundled with the tool software or SDK. If it is not possible, you can update manually the Miscellaneous parameter of the bridge to point to a compatible JRE.