Migrating from Talend Metadata Manager version 6.5 installed with an external database - 7.1

Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide for Windows

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Installation and Upgrade

Before you begin

  • Make sure your database complies with the version recommended in Compatible databases.

    If you are using a PostgreSQL database version 9.x, you must first upgrade to 10.x. For more information, see Migrating PostgreSQL from version 9.x to 10.x.

  • You have downloaded the latest Talend Metadata Manager 6.5 cumulative patch.
  • You have downloaded Talend Data Catalog 7.1.


  1. Apply the latest Talend Metadata Manager 6.5 cumulative patch and make sure your Talend Metadata Manager 6.5 is running fine.
    For more information, see Applying a patch manually.
  2. Make sure the regularly scheduled database maintenance has run successfully.
  3. Back up your database instance.
  4. Stop Talend Metadata Manager Application Server and the database server.
  5. Install Talend Data Catalog 7.1 in a new directory and configure it.
  6. Restore your database on the new database server.
  7. If you have performed any data and setup customizations to Talend Metadata Manager version 6.5, you can copy the appropriate files and directories from <TMM_directory> to <TDC_directory> in order to restore them.
    For more information, see Before upgrading Talend Data Catalog.
  8. Restart the Talend Data Catalog Application Server and the database server.
    Note: Any upgrade must also be followed by a re-import of models, and re-build of the configurations to take advantage of the new capabilities.
    Note: Upgrading to a new version may also have version specific issues or recommendations. For more information, see Version specific upgrade issues and recommendations.


You are now ready to configure the database connection.

For more information about the Talend Data Catalog installation and configuration procedures, see Installing Talend Data Catalog.