Applying a patch manually - 7.1

Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide for Windows

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Installation and Upgrade

A patch is a software update that fixes bugs.

As the patches are cumulative, Talend recommends you to apply the latest patches available, to keep your installation(s) including all harvesting agents up-to-date.

Two types of patch file are available as .zip files only. You install them in the same way and if both are to be applied at the same time, then apply the one with the older timestamp first, followed by the newer one.
In this page:
  • x.y. corresponds to package version number (Major. Minor.)
  • YYYYMMDD corresponds to the package timestamp
File name Description Note The package includes the patch for Talend Data Catalog repository application. Depending on your operating system, use the content of the file’s folder:
  • _MACOSX/TDC-CumulativePatch-x.y-yyyymmdd for MACOSX.
  • TDC-CumulativePatch-x.y-yyyymmdd for Windows/Linux/Unix. The package includes the patch for Talend Data Catalog bridges. Depending on your operating system, use the content of the file’s folder:
  • _MACOSX/TDC-bridges-CumulativePatch-x.y-yyyymmdd for MACOSX.
  • TDC-bridges-CumulativePatch-x.y-yyyymmdd for Windows/Linux/Unix.

The patch is delivered as a .zip file and can include all the .dll files required for its installation on a Windows server. On Linux and Unix, you can unzip the file, delete any .dll and .exe files in the bin sub-folder, and re-compress the folder structure in an appropriate archive file format, such as .tbz2.

You can also have another patch file, named ModelBridgeList-yyyymmdd.xml, to be downloaded and applied to your installation. This file can contain some new or updated bridges.

If you apply the patch to a harvesting agent installation, you do not need to perform the steps 2, 4, 8 and 9.

Before you begin

  • You have downloaded the patch to your machine. Refer to the email sent by Talend, including information for downloading a cumulative patch.
  • You have downloaded the ModelBridgeList-yyyymmdd.xml file to your machine and renamed it to ModelBridgeList.xml, if necessary.


  1. Stop the application server.
  2. On Windows operating systems, stop the database server, if you are using the bundled PostgreSQL database.
  3. Back up your database instance.
  4. If necessary, back up your Talend Data Catalog installation folder.
  5. Unzip the patch file in overwrite mode in the software directory.

    Check the structure of the patch file and the installation folder to ensure that you are correctly overwriting and replacing existing files with the new patch version.

  6. If necessary, copy the new ModelBridgeList.xml file into the <TDC_HOME>\TalendDataCatalog\conf folder.
  7. Restart the application server and, if necessary, the database server.
  8. Open the application.
    If the patch needs to update some database related files, the following dialog box displays:
  9. Enter the Administrator credentials then click Update Database.