Launching Talend Runtime - 6.3

Talend Open Studio for ESB Installation and Upgrade Guide for Mac

Talend Open Studio for ESB
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The Talend Runtime package includes:

  • Talend ESB Container (Talend Runtime container), which is a ready to be used OSGi container allowing you to deploy all your features, as well as the following infrastructure services:

    • Service Locator, a ready-to-be-used failover and load balancer tool (based on Apache Zookeeper) allowing you to dynamically register your endpoints;

    • Service Activity Monitoring, a monitoring tool facilitating the capture of analysis of service activity;

    • Security Token Service, a framework allowing clients and services to securely and transparently authenticate during connections.

  • Apache ActiveMQ, which is a message broker enabling to support different messaging options.

As Talend Runtime is not supported on Mac, you should install it on a Windows or a Linux machine. See the related Talend Installation and Upgrade Guide for more information.