Runtime - 6.1

Talend Real-time Big Data Platform Release Notes

Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform
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  • Improved systemd support, for example, for RHEL 7.1 service installation (for manual service installation and also via the Talend Installer).

  • Support for encrypted studio context parameter within runtime.

  • XA Transaction support for limited/selected JPA and JMS use cases and products.

  • Apache Karaf is upgraded to 4.0.3.

  • Apache CXF is upgraded to 3.1.4.

  • Apache ActiveMQ is upgraded to 5.11.3.

  • Apache Camel is upgraded to 2.15.4.

  • Hibersap is upgraded to 1.2.0. (see the add-ons\datasource\sap folder of the Talend ESB package)

  • Hyperic HQ 5.8.4 is now supported by the Talend ESB Hyperic Plugins. (see the add-ons\adapters\hyperic_plugins folder of the Talend ESB package)

  • Event Logging Command tesb:start-el-default has changed to support SAM-Events, SL-Events and to use Talend LogServer by default.