Installing database drivers in your Web application server - 6.5

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If you are not using the embedded H2 database with Talend Administration Center or Talend Activity Monitoring Console, you must install the driver for the database to use in your Web application server.

For more information regarding the databases compatible with Talend Administration Center and Talend Activity Monitoring Console, see Compatible databases.


  1. Stop your Web application server.
  2. In case you use Tomcat, clean the <apache-tomcat>\work\Catalina\localhost folder.
  3. Make sure that the driver for the database you want to use does not exist in any of the following folders. If the driver already exists in one of these folders, skip the next step.

    Web application Server used

    Folders to check







  4. Download the correct database driver(s) from the official provider website, according to the version of the JVM you use to run your Web application server and the version of the database you want to use.
    In case you use Oracle, use a copy of the ojdbcX.jar file from your Oracle installation.
    Note that those drivers are specific and that you should only download the one(s) that you need.
    Database used Driver to download
    Azure SQL Download the patched jTDS driver from

    For more information about the related bug, see Note that there is no official release that includes the fix yet.

    MS SQL
    Microsoft JDBC Drivers 6.0, 4.2, 4.1, and 4.0 for SQL Server
  5. It it does not exist, create the driver folder.
    • For Tomcat, create a new endorsed folder under <apache-tomcat>.
    • For JBoss, create a new ext folder under <JBoss_installation_folder>\standalone\tmp\work\jboss.web\default-host\amc\eclipse\plugins\org.talend.amc.libraries_X.X.X.XXXXXXXX_XXXX\lib.
  6. Place the driver(s) you need in the folder you created.
    • In the folder you created for Apache Tomcat 8.0 and JBoss.
    • In <apache-tomcat>\lib for Apache Tomcat 8.5.
  7. In case you install the patched jTDS driver to work with Microsoft Azure database, in the database settings of Talend Administration Center fill in the information of the patched driver as follows:

    ssl=require is a mandatory parameter, as stated in the Microsoft documentation:

  8. Restart your Web application server.