Configuring the Talend JobServer parameters - 6.5

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To configure the Talend JobServer parameters that are passed to the Java application, you have to edit the last lines of the jsl_static64.ini file which indicate the path to different files (such as configuration files, .jar files and/or Java libraries).


To do so, edit the parameters as shown below:
params = 6
param00 = -cp
param01 = <JobServerPath>;<JobServerPath>\lib\jmxremote_optional.jar;
param02 = -Djava.library.path=<JobServerPath>\jsysmon-XXXXXXXX\native\windows\
param03 =
param04 = -Dtalend_props=<JobServerPath>\conf\
param05 = org.talend.remote.jobserver.service.WindowsJobServer
where <JobServerPath> refers to the installation directory of the JobServer application and X to the version number of the packages. Note that if you installed your Studio using the installer, this path corresponds to <JobServerPath>\agent.
Note: Note that the first parameter indicated is named param00 and not param01, and that the use of quotes is not required around strings holding spaces. Note also that every parameter value must be indicated in a separate parameter.