Installing Talend Identity and Access Management

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If you want to install Talend Identity and Access Management manually, proceed as follows:

  1. Copy and extract the archive file in the directory of your choice.

  2. Go to iam-A.B.C/apache-tomcat-x.x.xx/bin.

  3. Add the execution rights to the executable files by typing chmod 755 *.sh.

  4. Start Talend Identity and Access Management by executing the file.

Now that Talend Identity and Access Management is installed, it is strongly recommended not to use the default Apache Syncope user account to access the application for security reasons. You can change the default credentials of this account (admin/password) by editing the adminPassword parameter in the iam-A.B.C/apache-tomcat-x.x.xx/webapps/syncope/WEB-INF/classes/ file. For more information, see

You can now access the Talend Identity and Access Management Apache Syncope Console with the following URL: http://localhost:9080/syncope-console/.

You can now access the list of registered OIDC clients with the following URL: http://localhost:9080/oidc/console/clients.