Installing Nexus as a service

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To install Nexus artifact repository as a service, proceed as follows:

  1. As root, copy Artifact-Repository-Nexus-VA.B.C.D.E/nexus-A.B.C-D/bin/nexus to /etc/init.d.

  2. Make the nexus script executable by running the following command:

    # chmod 755 /etc/init.d/nexus

  3. Edit the nexus script by changing the following values:

    • Change NEXUS_HOME to the absolute folder location, for example NEXUS_HOME="usr/local/nexus".

    • Set the RUN_AS_USER option to a user with restricted rights that you want to use to run the service. Note that you should not be running Nexus as root.

    • Change PIDDIR to a directory where the user has read/write permissions, for example ./.

  4. Change the owner and group of your Nexus-related directories to the user that you want to use to run the service.

  5. From the commandline, browse to /etc/init.d.

  6. On Ubuntu, install the service by running the following command:

    # update-rc.d nexus defaults

    On other Linux distributions, use the following commands:

    $ chkconfig --add nexus
    $ chkconfig --levels 345 nexus on