MDM Server - 6.2

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  • The file encrypt.bat (Windows) or (Linux) under the directory <MDM_ROOT>/tools/encrypt enables you to encrypt plain text passwords from the CommandLine. Then, the encrypted passwords can be used in configuration files directly.

  • For the sake of security, the passwords are encrypted in the configuration files datasources.xml,, and mdm.conf under the directory <MDM_ROOT>/conf/, so that the actual password string is not shown in plain text.

  • When you install Talend Data Stewardship Console as a standalone application, the password is encrypted in the configuration file <DSC_WAR_FOLDER>/META-INF/context.xml and <DSC_WAR_FOLDER>/WEB-INF/jaas.conf for the sake of security.

  • The activity of the dbmigration tool can be logged using the log4j feature. You can check the log information in the files <$INSTALLDIR>/tools/dbmigration/dbmigration.log and <$INSTALLDIR>/logs/mdm.log to troubleshoot migration issues.