Activity Monitoring Console / Components only with limitations - 6.2

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The Activity Monitoring Console as provided in the Studio and the related Dashboard screens can be used to visualize tLogCatcher, tStatCatcher and tFlowMeterCatcher events. In Talend Enterprise ESB there are some limitations that you need to consider for these components and the related features in the Studio:

  • tLogCatcher can be used in Data Services and Jobs, but the tLogCatcher component must be explicitly included in the Job and the use of a database for logging is recommend in this environment (Talend Runtime - OSGi Container).

  • tStatCatcher and tFlowMeterCatcher can be used only in Jobs which are not defined as Keep Listening but not in Data Services (where the operations are implemented in Keep Listing Jobs). Also these components must be explicitly included in the Job and the use of a database for logging is recommended in this environment (Talend OSGi container).

  • tLogCatcher, tStatCatcher and tFlowMeterCatcher by the entire Activity Monitoring Console feature cannot be used within Routes developed using the Route designer with the Studio (Mediation Perspective).

  • Note that you can use the AMC view in Talend Enterprise ESB Studio but the related AMC Web-Console in TAC is only provided with a license which contains the DI Product (for example, Talend Platform for Data Services license).