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You can set performance preferences according to your use of Talend Studio. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. From the menu bar, click Window > Preferences to open the [Preferences] dialog box.

  2. Expand the Talend node and click Performance to display the repository refresh preference.


    You can improve your performance when you deactivate automatic refresh.

  3. Set the performance preferences according to your use of Talend Studio:

    • Select the Deactivate auto detect/update after a modification in the repository check box to deactivate the automatic detection and update of the repository.

    • Select the Check the property fields when generating code check box to activate the audit of the property fields of the component. When one property filed is not correctly filled in, the component is surrounded by red on the design workspace.


      You can optimize performance if you disable property fields verification of components, for example if you clear the Check the property fields when generating code check box.

    • Select the Generate code when opening the job check box to generate code when you open a Job.

    • Select the Check only the last version when updating jobs or joblets check box to only check the latest version when you update a Job or a Joblet.

    • Select the Propagate add/delete variable changes in repository contexts to propagate variable changes in the Repository Contexts.

    • Select the Activate the timeout for database connection check box to establish database connection time out. Then set this time out in the Connection timeout (seconds) field.

    • Select the Add all user routines to job dependencies, when create new job check box to add all user routines to Job dependencies upon the creation of new Jobs.

    • Select the Auto check of svn to detect the update check box to allow the Studio to automatically check if there had been new commits on the svn, making the Studio faster. Then set the time interval between these checks in the Detect update in each (seconds) field.

      If you clear this check box, the Studio updates the svn for each operation it makes. This slows down the Studio but reduces the number of requests on the svn server.