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As a customer of Talend with a valid support contract, you can use our Talend Online Helpdesk or you can contact our customer support by phone and e-mail as stated in your contract.

Often the following information is needed and would help us to more easily evaluate your issue:

  • Product and Version which you used (for example, Talend Data Fabric 6.4.1)

  • Operating System, for example Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64bit)

  • Version of Java Platform JDK / JRE in use (for example, ORACLE JDK 1.8.0_60).

  • Log files and/or screenshots

Also, in order to ensure that the technical support team has sufficient information to help you, describe at least the following in detail:

  • your actions up to the point when the problem occurred

  • the results you expected

  • the ensuing results that differ from your expected results.

Note: in addition to our support helpdesk, you can also use our community support tools:

  • Talend Community.

  • You can also look into the Talend Bug Tracker.

  • Just keep in mind that only cases you create via one of the Talend Support channels in our Talend Support Helpdesk are treated under the service level agreements we provided in the related contract to you.