Microsoft Azure support - 6.4

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  1. The existing Azure Storage components, tAzureStorageConnection, tAzureStorageContainerCreate, tAzureStorageContainerDelete, tAzureStorageContainerExist, tAzureStorageDelete, tAzureStorageGet, tAzureStorageList, and tAzureStoragePut, have been switched into the new framework and the user interface has been slightly changed.

  2. A new Azure Storage Blob component tAzureStorageContainerList, which allows you to list all containers in a given Azure Storage account, has been created in the new framework.

  3. Talend Studio now supports managing Azure Storage queues and messages via the seven new components tAzureStorageQueueCreate, tAzureStorageQueueDelete, tAzureStorageQueueInput, tAzureStorageQueueInputLoop, tAzureStorageQueueList, tAzureStorageQueueOutput and tAzureStorageQueuePurge created in the new framework.

  4. All existing and new Azure Storage components now support using a shared access signature to access the storage resources without the need for the account key.

  5. A new Azure Storage metadata wizard has been created, which allows you to centralize the Azure Storage connection and retrieve the schema of the interested containers, queues and tables.

  6. Talend Studio now allows you to manage data in Azure SQL Data Warehouse via the seven new components tSQLDWHClose, tSQLDWHCommit, tSQLDWHConnection, tSQLDWHInput, tSQLDWHOutput, tSQLDWHRollback and tSQLDWHRow.