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  1. You can combine non-Big Data and Big Data licenses, as the matrix below specifies.

    Non-Big DataBig Data
    Data Management PlatformReal Time Big Data Platform
    Data Services PlatformReal Time Big Data Platform
    Master Data Management PlatformReal Time Big Data Platform

    In case you combine both types, a new Big Data Enabled user option is available in Talend Administration Center to grant selected users with Big Data capabilities. A Big Data Enabled user counts for one user in your Big Data license.

    This option is also available for the following objects in Talend Administration Center: User Groups, Projects, Project authorizations and Project references. For instance, users which are not Big Data enabled cannot be assigned to a Big Data project.

  2. Admin rights have been segregated:

    The Security Administrator role allows to manage users, licenses, security configuration and can access rights management. Security Administrators are free of charge.

    The Administrator role manages takes on the other administration tasks.

  3. The new default admin user is security@company.com with the role Security Administrator and the type No Project Access.

  4. Data Quality user and project types have been renamed Data Management.

  5. A new right Project references management is required to access the Project reference page. This right is granted by default to Administrator, Designer and Operational Manager roles.

  6. Ten additional custom roles allow you to define custom combinations of user rights (Technical Preview).

  7. In case LDAP is used, it is possible to not explicitly specify LDAP attributes for SVN/Git credentials fields in Talend Administration Center. Users will provide their credentials when connecting to Talend Studio.

  8. For SSO, custom mappings between Talend Administration Center and the SAML assertion can be configured.

  9. For SSO, non-email login can be used.

  10. The Sonatype Nexus provided with Talend Administration Center has been upgraded to version 2.14.3-02.