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The samples folder of the Talend ESB download contain examples that are provided by the Apache CXF project, as well as Talend ESB-specific examples showing multiple usages of JAX-RS, JMS, Security and CXF interceptors. Each Talend ESB sample has its own README file providing a full description of the sample along with deployment information using embedded Jetty or Talend Runtime container.

The examples provided by the Apache CXF project and bundled with the Talend ESB are listed and summarized on the CXF website; the below listing provides a summary of additional CXF examples provided in the Talend ESB distribution.



jaxws-cxf-stsDemonstrates having a SOAP client use CXF's stsclient to make a call to a Tomcat-hosted CXF Security Token Service (STS) and subsequently using the SAML token received to make a web service call to a CXF web service provider. Both standalone and OSGi-based clients are shown, as well as standalone, Tomcat-based, and OSGi-based web service provider options given.
jaxws-cxf-sts-advancedMore advanced version of the above showing OSGi deployment of the STS, token providers, token validation, and WSP authorization based on attributes within the SAML token.
jaxws-ws-secpolDemonstrates using WS-SecurityPolicy and configuration to secure communication between CXF client and servers using various security requirements and including tokens like UsernameToken and SAML assertions.
jaxws-jms-specDemonstrates using JAX-WS clients and servers to talk SOAP over JMS, but using the SOAP/JMS Specification for configuration.
interceptorsDemonstrates how a message changes and is manipulated as it passes through the various CXF interceptors.
jaxrs-introShows basic features of the the JAX-RS 1.1 specification and API such as root resources, subresources and HTTP verbs (GET/PUT/POST).
jaxrs-advancedBuilding on the jaxrs-intro sample, this demo additionally demonstrates multiple root resource classes, recursive subresources, resource methods consuming and producing data in different formats (XML and JSON), using JAX-RS Response to return status, headers and optional entity, using UriInfo and UriBuilder for working with URI and ExceptionMappers for handling application exceptions.
jaxrs-attachmentsDemonstrates how JAX-RS consumers and providers can read and write multipart attachments.
jaxrs-jaxws-authorizationShows how a Role-Base-Access-Control policy can be applied to JAX-WS and JAX-RS services with the help of the container-managed authentication and CXF security filters enforcing the authorization rules.
jaxrs-jaxws-description-firstShows how SOAP services created as part of the document (WSDL) first approach process can get RESTified by having a CXF JAX-RS user model resource added which describes how an interface generated by the wsdl-to-java tool can be treated as the JAX-RS root resource.
jaxrs-jaxws-java-firstShows how a single service instance can be exposed as both JAX-RS and JAX-WS services at the same time and how CXF JAX-RS and JAX-WS proxies can reuse the same code for invoking on the corresponding endpoints.
jaxrs-jms-httpDemonstrates how a JAX-RS HTTP server can be enhanced to receive JMS messages.
jaxrs-oauthProvides an example of a REST application protected using OAuth security.
jaxrs-attachmentsDemonstrates how JAX-RS providers and consumers read and write XOP and regular multipart/mixed attachments
jaxrs-transformationsDemonstrates how CXF can help with maintaining backward and forward compatibility between JAX-RS and JAX-WS consumers and endpoints by using the Transformation Feature of CXF.