Populating a business glossary using a model - 7.1

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You can populate a business glossary by using a model.

Before you begin

You have signed in as a user assigned to the Administrators group.


  1. Open the business glossary.
  2. Drag and drop a model from the Repository panel to the business glossary.
  3. In the dialog box, fill in the following field.
    Field Description
    Steward You can select a steward.
    Create a new Category in the glossary to import into Select the check box to create a new category in the business glossary, where all the populated terms are created.
    Category Name Type in the name of the new category.
    Create a new Semantic Mapping between Glossary and model Select the check box to create a semantic mapping between the business glossary and the original model, from where all the populated terms are derived.

    A semantic lineage can be traced to and from the terms and objects in the original model.

    Semantic Mapping Name Type in the name of the new semantic mapping.

    In this example, you populate the New Finance Glossary from the Accounts Payable model

  4. Click Import.
    The Logs dialog appears.
    • If you receive the Operation Successful result, click Close and open the glossary.
    • If you receive the Operation Failed result, inspect the log messages and correct the source model file accordingly.