Stitching models together for data flow mapping - 7.1

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Some external metadata models can contain data movement source specifications and data movement rules. These are in turn imported into Talend Data Catalog.

In many cases, these data movement source specifications can match up with another external metadata model which was imported separately. You can add such data movement specification models to a configuration and connect them together with that second model, where one model is the complete representation of a source that is defined in another with data movement specifications.


  1. Open the configuration you wish to contain these stitched models.
  2. Drag a model containing these data movement rules into the configuration.
  3. Drag another model into the configuration which fully defines the same data store as a data source specification in the first model (the one with data movement rules).
  4. Right-click on the first model (the one with data movement rules) and select Edit Connections.
  5. In the Edit Connections dialog, associate each data movement source specification with a model (the second model in this case) which represents or matches that source.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click the Validate action.