Actions on entity-relationship diagrams - 7.1

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When visualizing ER diagrams, several actions are available to edit them.

The table below describes the different actions that you can perform on your ER diagrams.

Icon Action Description
Show or hide overview

Click a location in the overview to quickly navigate to that portion of the repository object.

Zoom controls You can zoom in or out on the diagram.
Fit to contents You can completely zoom out on the diagram to fit the size of your content.
Selection tools You can switch the selection mode between Panning mode and Lasso selection mode.
Create bookmark For more information, see Managing bookmarks and URLs.
Layout diagram You can automatically layout the diagram.
Display preferences You can specify the model display options, such as the diagram background color or the default entity display options.
Entity display You can specify the entity display options, such as the display level or the column properties.
Relationship display For an entity or the entire diagram, you can show or hide all labels associated to the relationships, such as relationship names, cardinalities and role names.

For more information, see Showing labels associated to relationships.

Show only related entities For more information, see Analyzing entities related to a table in a diagram.
Lineage trace options For more information, see Tracing data flow lineage.
Print diagram You can save the diagram as an image and print it.
Show in Metadata Browser You can open the details of a specific object in the Metadata Browser panel.

You can also expand the Properties panel of this object.

Show in diagram You can move to the selected object location in the diagram and highlight the object.
Find in diagram You can search for a specific element in the diagram.