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A configuration is a collocation of particular version of models. A configuration is the scope for many operations, including lineage analysis, search or version management.

A valid configuration consists of a collection of model versions, mapping versions, glossaries and stitchings. The model versions relate to data stores and data processes that have been harvested into Talend Data Catalog.

Configurations can be any of the following:
Type of collection Description
Repository workspace Collection of repository objects to be analyzed together as a technical scope, or business area under the same access permission scope.
Enterprise architecture Collection of data store models (such as data warehouses and data marts) and data process models (such as ETL and BI) connected together through data flow stitching.
Design workflow Collection of conceptual, logical and physical models connected (semantically stitched) together through semantic mappings modeling the design process.

Configuration versions

A configuration may have one or more configuration versions. Versions are a collection of versions of repository objects.

You can define several configuration versions, each containing various versions of the repository objects. As a result, you may perform:
  • Historical analysis using configuration versions containing older versions of models which were deployed at some time in the past.
  • What-if analysis using configuration versions containing the versions of models which may be deployed in the future.

Publishing configuration versions

You may also publish a configuration version or make it available to users of Metadata Explorer. In this way, a configuration may be used by an administrator to ensure the completeness and correctness of what is visible to business users and how all users search and analyze within the full complexity of Talend Data Catalog.

Managing configurations

Talend Data Catalog accomplishes this management by using the Configuration Manager. This tool provides a drag and drop based visual interface for constructing configurations of repository objects. You may define any number of configurations, publish a configuration to a different set of users (by group), publish none, some, or all configurations.

In this way, you control who can see, what and when they may see it.