Initialization issues - 7.2

Troubleshooting for MDM SQL Storage

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In case of initialization issue, SQL storage dumps information that may help to diagnose why the initialization failed.

The following information is dumped: data model being used for initialization (in a MDM interpreted form, not as XML schema).

Common causes for exceptions:

  • Data model has errors (for example, the FK points to a non-existing element in data model).
  • Use of SQL storage restricted names (Make sure that the elements you defined do not start with X_TALEND_).

Common causes for warnings:

  • Impossibility to express data model constraints into databases: MDM generates database schema that includes much information from the data model (FK integrity checks, not empty elements...). But in some cases usually related to sequences, database schema cannot express data model constraints. This is only a warning since XML validation will ensure all data model constraints are correctly enforced.