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Talend Cloud Management Console for Pipelines User Guide

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Talend Management Console
This guide provides information about managing and running tasks, administrating users and user roles, and managing execution engines in Talend Cloud Management Console.

If you are using Talend Cloud Management Console with Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, you can create executable tasks from pipelines published from Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer and run them directly in the application or on a Remote Engine Gen2. For information on designing and publishing pipelines, refer to the Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer User Guide.

In the application itself, you can access the USERS, GROUPS, and ROLES tabs from the left menu to perform all your user administration tasks.

Manage your Remote Engines for Pipelines and run profiles on the ENGINES tab.

Use the OPERATIONS and MANAGEMENT tabs to configure, schedule, execute, and monitor tasks.

You also have the possibility to contact a Talend agent directly from Talend Cloud Management Console through the in-product chat that you can open by clicking the icon in the header.