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Talend Cloud Management Console for Pipelines User Guide

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Task logs gather business and technical information about the executions: message, severity, timestamps and versions. You can use these logs to analyze and debug your tasks or send them to Support for additional assistance.


  1. Go to Operations.
  2. Filter to the appropriate workspace/operator/time period at the top of the page.
  3. Select the status of the execution to retrieve the logs for.
    • Current
    • Failed
    • Rejected
    • Terminated
    • Successful
  4. Expand the execution you want to retrieve the logs for.
  5. Click VIEW LOGS.


  6. To search for a particular log message, type into the full text search field on the left-side panel.
    The search starts automatically and the results are highlighted. To search for incomplete words, use the * symbol.
  7. To search for a log created during a particular period of time range, use the Time range field.
    You can limit your search results to the following time ranges by default:
    • All
    • Last 5 minutes
    • Last hour
    • Last 24 hours
    • Last week
    • Last month
    • Custom

    The predefined filters use the current time if the task is still running, and the finish time if the task execution has ended.

  8. If you choose Custom, you must enter the date and time, or select them in the dialog box and the drop-down list, respectively.
  9. Optional: Regardless of the log levels set for the task, you can choose to display only the error logs flagged as Error or Fatal by enabling the Display only error logs feature.
  10. To copy the log of a specific event to the clipboard, click the icon.


  11. To reset all filters, click CLEAR at the bottom of the panel.