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You can use the following types of engines to execute your tasks and plans in Talend Cloud Management Console.

Cloud Engine for Design

The Cloud Engine for Design is a built-in runner that allow you to easily design pipelines without having to set up any processing engines. You can execute pipelines with different resource allocations on a Cloud Engine for Design by using run profiles.

The following resource limitations are valid for pipelines running on Cloud Engine for Design:

  • Memory usage: 8GB
  • Two pipelines can be run in parallel

For advanced processing of data it is recommended to install the secure Remote Engine Gen2.

Remote Engine Gen2

A Remote Engine Gen2 is a secure execution engine on which you can safely run pipelines. By using this engine, you can make sure that data processing happens in a safe and secure environment as Talend never has access to the data and resources of your pipelines. You have control over your execution environment and resources as you are able to create and configure the engine in your own environment (Virtual Private Cloud or on premises). The engine also ensures optimal performance and security by increasing the data locality instead of moving large data to computation.

You can execute pipelines with different resource allocations on a Remote Engine Gen2 by using run profiles.

For more information about Remote Engine Gen2, see the Talend Remote Engine Gen2 Quick Start Guide.