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Data in your Audit logs is stored in the JSON format.

Your JSON logs contain the following fields:

Fields Description Type
email The registered email of the user who triggered the logged event. String
logId The id of the log created for each given event. String
userId The technical ID of the user account on which the logged event occurred. String
request The body of the request and the used parameters. Object
clientIp The IP address of the client sending requests. String

The body of the response and its status.

The code 200 means that an event was successful and 400 means wrong parameter format was used in your request.

For information about all the event status code numbers, see above-mentioned API documentation of the Audit logging service.

username The registered name of the user who triggered the logged event. String
accountId The business ID of the user account with which the logged event is triggered. String
eventType It records the type of a given event. String
requestId The id of a given request or transaction. String
timestamp The time when an event occurs. Its format is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.ffff. String
applicationId The id of the application in which the event occurs. String
eventCategory The category the recorded event is about, such as the access tokens, the user accounts or the security policies. String
eventOperation This operation could be Create, Read, Update, Delete, Reset, or Activate and so on. String

The following sections provides more details about the events to be logged.