Starting Talend JobServer without sudo - 7.1

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The user that starts Talend JobServer needs to be allowed to start processes as other users without having to enter a password.


  1. Change the sudoers file on the machine that runs Talend JobServer, using the following command:
    sudo visudo
  2. Edit the sudoers:
    # ...
    # User alias specification
    User_Alias JOB_SERVER = jerry
    # Cmnd alias specification
    Cmnd_Alias RUN_JOB = /bin/ps, /usr/bin/java, /bin/sh, /bin/grep, /bin/kill
    # ...
    # Add after the line: %sudo	ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
    JOB_SERVER      ALL=(jules,jim) NOPASSWD: RUN_JOB

    In this example, it is assumed that user jerry will start Talend JobServer and jobs may have to run under the existing users jules and jim.

    The Talend JobServer process started by jerry will need to be able to execute the commands /bin/ps, /usr/bin/java, /bin/sh, /bin/grep and /bin/kill as jules or jim. For security reasons, do not allow more commands.


To start Talend JobServer, the Talend JobServer user could just run sh instead of sudo sh